VIDEO: Dubspot Interviews Flying Lotus at SXSW

Dubspot took the liberty of doing a SXSW interview with good old Flying Lotus.

It’s a little early for a Saturday Matinée so I just thought I would drop this in as a little start of the week treat for those who haven’t watched it. SXSW was a roaring success back in March and Dubspot were lucky enough to interview Flying Lotus during the festival. This video provides a little insight into the unique visual displays at his live shows and his influences from King Tubby to James Brown to Dilla.

Another great thing about this is how humble FlyLo is in the interview explaining that sometimes in his set his “happy accidents” can turn out amazing on stage and no night will ever be the same. It also wraps up by showing that even though Flying Lotus is a multi-talented producer on his own merit, from time to time he still has a little gander on Dubspot for those essential tutorials. Hope this will inspire, delight, show and insight and inform a little.

Stream it below.

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