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Quasimoto Receives Certificate Of Recognition By City Of Los Angeles


It’s official: Quasimoto is certified by the city of Los Angeles for “excellence in masonry”.

Hip hop hasn’t always had a good rep amongst the wealthy and influential in America, with them often blaming the culture on crime in the country. Well, it looks like the city of Los Angeles don’t give a f*ck about any of that as they have issued Madlib’s “bad character” Quasimoto with an official Certificate of Recognition. Yes, you read that correctly. The recognition was specifically for “excellence in masonry”, with praise for his new album Yessir Whatever. Just in case you thought it was fake, the certificate was signed by LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the thirteen members of the city council. So, what next for Lord Quas? Nobel Prize? National Medal of Arts? Olympic gold medal? It’s anyone’s guess.

Peep the photos on the Stones Throw website.