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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Michael Jackson – Grammy Awards Performance (1988)


Our Throwback Thursday this week is dedicated to the late great Michael Jackson on his 55th birthday. Here is his Grammy Awards Performance from 1988.

First off, happy birthday Michael Jackson! The King Of Pop would have been 55 years old today and while he can’t be with us to celebrate we can sure as hell do it for him. This week’s Throwback Thursday features his performance at the 1988 Grammy Awards, one where he surprisingly won nothing (much to his chagrin) but managed to bring some fire to an admittedly damp squib of a ceremony. Michael began with a performance of The Way You Make Me Feel, including the stunning Tatiana Thumbtzen from the original video and an adapted routine from said video before finishing off with a rousing rendition of Man In The Mirror. He may have walked away empty handed that night but he certainly filled his spectators with the joy they craved.

Stream it below.