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Michael Jackson's UK Top 100 chart history (1972–2021)

michael jackson thriller

Watch how MJ’s singles performed in the UK through 6 decades.

We all know about Michael Jackson’s sales records. Thriller may never stop being the greatest selling album of all time (at least in physical sales) and his run in the 80s certainly won’t (argue amongst yourselves; I said what I said). But how does that look in a data visualisation and what about the UK charts?

DistortedTime, a channel dedicated to making the highest quality chart visualizations for your entertainment, analysed MJ’s UK chart performances between 1972 and 2021. It’s cool to see the peaks and troughs, particularly after his death, showing just how influential he was and still is.

Michael Jackson ▸ UK Top 100 Chart History (1972 - 2021)
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