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Motel Eola's "The People's Beat Tape"

Motel Eola is back and his beat tape needs YOU!

By now, you should have heard of Motel Eola, the 20-year-old hip hop producer from South East London. His three EPs, subsequent album and compilation from the past twelve months have been met with praise amongst his hip hop peers and rightfully so. But this time he needs you, the general public, to help him out on a new beat tape project.

Taken from the man himself:

“The People’s Beat Tape” will be created by sampling songs that YOU suggest. This could be anything from Broadway Musical soundtracks, your children’s or siblings favourite cartoon theme, your parents favourite record, anything interesting and not done before to make this truly an incredible and interesting project. Every song sample suggestion that makes the final cut will have a special thank you for being involved, your name credited, and any other short special message or personal dedication you wish to be included.

The joy of sampling is you can make something out of anything and Motel Eola is taking that message right to the edge of its meaning in the name of creativity. If you have any suggestions, hit him up on Twitter or let us know and we’ll pass on the message.

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