Written by Luke Alex Davis 11:16 am Hip Hop

Musa Okwonga Compared Football Nations To Rappers And It’s Dope As Hell

Nigeria and MF DOOM as Musa Okwonga compared

The multi-talented poet and musician was spot on with his reasoning, covering every nation and some of the all-time greats in the process.

We’re just two days away from kick-off and we’re getting excited. We already compiled a playlist to get you into the mood but now we have some more music-related football content for your enjoyment. Musa Okwonga is a modern polymath (“poet, author, journalist, broadcaster, musician, social commentator, football writer and consultant in the fields of creativity and communication”, taken from his website). And he has a law degree from Oxford. But we have no objections to the Twitter thread he published last night where he compared football nations to rappers. His eloquent reasoning was superb, from Uruguay’s similarities to Pusha T to the unestablished partnership of Hungary and the Wu-Tang Clan. If there’s any downside to this, it’s the fact there are only 16 nations covered (and some of them aren’t in the World Cup like Greece). But that’s just us being greedy.

And then we had an idea. What if we made another playlist with all the artists featured in this thread? When you read through, it’s a Who’s Who of dope rappers so you can’t lose. And not a dragon energised rapper in sight (although he produced the first track in the playlist but fuck him nonetheless).

So we did that and you can stream it below.