Written by Luke Alex Davis 12:47 pm Hip Hop

Ahwlee – [G​]​ist


Cali producer Ahwlee’s latest tape, [G]ist, is just what you need to chill.

Ahwlee’s been on and off my radar for years and a tumble down the Bandcamp rabbit hole lead me to [G]ist. It’s a sub-15 minute journey through sweet calming tunes, perfect for a summer’s day or a quiet night while you’re relaxing. As major artists begin to embrace shorter releases, it’s important to praise the Bandcamp/Soundcloud artists who’ve always kept things succinct with their output. Nothing too taxing, just quick but abundant self-expression through art. You may find [G]ist and other releases of its ilk provide more than the 7-track, 25-minute joints coming from the majors.

Stream it below.