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Ahwlee - liteist.

Ahwlee’s new tape, liteist., shows why he’s a paragon of drum grooving. Sometimes your day/week is hell and you’d like something good and pure to remind you what life should sound like. And Ahwlee came with this proverbial olive branch, even if it wasn’t for me personally. liteist. is a wonderful 14-track beat tape with …

ahwlee - liteist.
Hip Hop

Ahwlee - [G​]​ist

Cali producer Ahwlee’s latest tape, [G]ist, is just what you need to chill. Ahwlee’s been on and off my radar for years and a tumble down the Bandcamp rabbit hole lead me to [G]ist. It’s a sub-15 minute journey through sweet calming tunes, perfect for a summer’s day or a quiet night while you’re relaxing. …