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Fullee Love (aka Soup of Jurassic 5) – Deney Terrio

Fullee Love (aka Soup of Jurassic 5)

It’s time to get a groove on with Fullee Love on his new single, Deney Terrio.

I’m writing this on a Monday morning and lord knows we need all the motivation we can get after a weekend of not working (if you’re fortunate enough to not work on those days). Deney Terrio is definitely the right way to start. It comes from Fullee Love, better known as Soup from Jurassic 5, as part of another collaboration between Love and Nick Green from The Internet.

This funky number lives up to its title (Deney Terrio was the host of 80’s American musical variety series, Dance Fever) and there’s little doubt Terrio would have appreciate the homage and cut a rug to this on the show. That’s because the song has all the hallmarks of a dancefloor filler mixed with the uplifting aura of a gospel song. For many of that clubbing era, the nightlife was a hazy colourful pilgrimage and dancing was a form of devotion to the higher power. Deney Terrio might not be analogous with certain substances that flowed during these “holy” post-disco hours but Fullee Love’s positivity and adrenaline will pump through your veins, leaving you with a stonking heartbeat.

“Deney Terrio” is the first cut off upcoming album Free, White & 21, available now for pre-order via iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and Google Play and set to drop on 27th July.

In the meantime, stream it below.