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NEW ALBUM: Knx - Anthology

Knx(wledge) releases Anthology, a grand collection of beats from 2009-2013 available through Stones Throw.

I always thought whoever snapped up Knx’s music for distribution would be onto something good and of course, one of my favourite indie labels was the one to do it. Now living in the land of Stones Throw – Los Angeles – Knx has already released music through the LA-based label; Buttrskotch on a limited run of cassettes but now he brings Anthology to his fans. The fifty-three track album is a collection of his “essential instrumentals” from his 2009-2013 releases. You know, the ones he threw up on Bandcamp seemingly every month or so. The album is also available as a limited collector’s edition double-cassette.

You can purchase the album at the Stones Throw store and stream it on Bandcamp.

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