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Nhu-Rha - KingKrush & Rainynotes

Norway’s Nhu-Rha doles out two fantastic beats in three weeks – KingKrush and Rainynotes.

We marked Nhu-Rha as a One To Watch back in 2012 and we’re shocked he hasn’t blown up or got more kudos on the blogosphere. Still, that hasn’t caused the quality of his music to decline and in his latest two tracks – KingKrush and Rainynotes – the off kilter Dilla influence emanates through with every drum hit.

KingKrush is grimey Moog-sampled number with brash drums and arpeggio synth lead while Rainynotes is softer and more chilled out thanks to its beautifully filtered chords. Nhu-Rha has plenty more on his Soundcloud and a few releases from early 2013 on his Bandcamp so if you missed him before, be sure to correct that immediately.

Stream KingKrush and Rainynotes on SoundCloud.

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