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Nick van Gelder – Brighter Star

Nick van Gelder - Brighter Star

Nick van Gelder drums up a treat with Brighter Star.

The shrewder music aficionado’s amongst you may recognise Nick van Gelder as the first drummer for Jamiroquai before he left the band in 1994. Since then, he has been touring with other bands extensively and in April last year, he released Groovitas, capturing that old acid jazz vibe that kept the 90s so funky. Before that, he released a single in 2009 called Brighter Star, featuring vocals from British female vocalist Marcina Arnold. Nick kindly uploaded a 2013 remaster onto his Soundcloud and I have to say, it’s silky smooth. The track starts with a break worthy of a Sampleface Seal of Approval and moves into some atmospheric synth play and the classic Rhodes makes a welcome addition.

Stream it below and check the original on iTunes.