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Nu Era – The Third Adam


Marc Mac of 4hero rekindles life into an old name to release The Third Adam.

Following on from Waajeed’s techno project is Marc Mac, one half of UK drum & bass pioneers and unsung heroes of the genre 4hero, who has today released The Third Adam on iTunes and Bandcamp. Marc decided to go by the name Nu Era for the project, an old nom de plume he had adopted some 20 or so years ago. His work alongside Dego for 4hero has traversed the expansive worlds of electronic music, from D&B to nu-jazz, but this is something of a back-to-basics exercise for the London musician as he reclaims his analogue gear and his trusty laptop. Despite this, The Third Adam doesn’t sound overly dated, with a strong Detroit Techno feel and Marc’s undeniable soul elements from his previous works. This really is a portfolio of his career influences and it shows he hasn’t missed a step in his illustrious career.

Stream it below and buy it over on iTunes.