ONE TO WATCH - TightMike

TightMike is our One to Watch.

Canada has always had a world-renown hip-hop scene (not that I feel Drake is doing much to improve or showcase it) but there is a chap that goes by the moniker of TightMike that is particularly clever on the production side of things and you should definitely check him out.

His track titled Diamondcutter was featured on the eclectic Japanese producer/DJ Bugseed’s latest mixtape titled In Bloom and once the lucid and warm pads coupled with the thumping swinging boom-bap beat crashed into my eardrums, I was on to his Bandcamp in a flash. His album (titled Bobbin & Weavin) can be acquired by simply clicking the picture above, all for the nominal fee of whatever-you-choose-to-pay.

Don’t sleep on this guy.  Seriously.

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