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Otis Mensah - Computers Outside

Take a walk on the outside with Otis Mensah and his introspective EP, Computers Outside.

The evaluation of technology and its role in our lives is constantly scrutinised. Shows like “Black Mirror” have garnered wide praise for their dark analysis and now its permeating the hip hop world. “Computers Outside” is the latest EP from UK based poet/emcee Otis Mensah. The release delves into the worlds of excessive internet use and the digital era we live in. Behind the beats is Baltimore’s Ray Sosa, maintaining the dark aura with a fine selection of boom bap rhythms. The power, however, lies in the blustering pace and wordplay from Otis. His delivery carries meaning and purpose, steering clear of the stigma of “conscious rap”.

Otis Mensah - Computers Outside [FULL EP]
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