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Ozay Moore - In The Wake Of O

Ozay Moore - In The Wake Of O

The artist formerly known as Othello brings his storytelling to a new project. This is Ozay Moore’s In The Wake Of O.

A hip hop kaleidoscope of jams featuring production from Tall Black Guy, Stro Elliot, Freddie Joachim and more. And look at that beautiful cover.

Ultimately, In The Wake of O is a reminder of why hip-hop is such a powerful mode of communication. It also speaks to Ozay Moore’s deep love and respect for hip hop culture. As Wake plays from start to finish, Moore beautifully speaks on his personal journey while also making space for listeners to reflect on their own lives. There is something for everyone on this record.

Gus Navarro on In The Wake of O

Ozay Moore is a shoo-in for your album of the year list. Yes, I know it’s only February.

Stream it below.

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