Radio Jakarta – Habibi Funk 003 Mix


In need of some funk from North Africa? Get yourself into this mix courtesy of Radio Jakarta.

We’re hoping you’ve heard Mix #1 and #2 (if not, follow those links) from Jannis of Radio Jakarta. A year ago, he released #3 after another crate digging excursion in North Africa. It fears stone cold funk from Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon.


1. Carthago – Alech – Tunisia
2. Dalton – Alech – Tunisia (As re-released by Habibi Funk)
3. Ishan Al Munzer – Jamileh – Lebanon
4. Abd El Azim Abdallah – Ayam Ma Tayebouh – Sudan (Habibi EDIT)
5. Hamad Elrebh – Shahr Shareen – Sudan
6. Ousmane – Telass – Morocco
7. Dalton – Soul Brother – Tunisia (As re-released by Habibi Funk)
8. Golden Hands – Country Scenes – Morocco
9. Ammar Sheriyi – Gabar – Egypt
10. Naima Samih & Abdou El Omari – Zifaf Filada – Morocco
11. Ammar Sheriyi – Shagalouni – Egypt

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