Radio Jakarta – Habibi Funk 003 Mix

In need of some funk from North Africa? Get yourself into this mix courtesy of Radio Jakarta.

We’re hoping you’ve heard Mix #1 and #2 (if not, follow those links) from Jannis of Radio Jakarta. A year ago, he released #3 after another crate digging excursion in North Africa. It fears stone cold funk from Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon.

Stream it on SoundCloud and peep the tracklist below.


1. Carthago – Alech – Tunisia
2. Dalton – Alech – Tunisia (As re-released by Habibi Funk)
3. Ishan Al Munzer – Jamileh – Lebanon
4. Abd El Azim Abdallah – Ayam Ma Tayebouh – Sudan (Habibi EDIT)
5. Hamad Elrebh – Shahr Shareen – Sudan
6. Ousmane – Telass – Morocco
7. Dalton – Soul Brother – Tunisia (As re-released by Habibi Funk)
8. Golden Hands – Country Scenes – Morocco
9. Ammar Sheriyi – Gabar – Egypt
10. Naima Samih & Abdou El Omari – Zifaf Filada – Morocco
11. Ammar Sheriyi – Shagalouni – Egypt

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