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VIDEO: REAIN - Soul Food for Thought

UK rapper REAIN gives us some Soul Food For Thought with this smokey accompanying video.

Staying socially conscious in hip hop without having the greater media slap the “conscious rap” tag on you like a cowboy branding cattle is tough. Fortunately for REAIN, we’re not trigger happy with the proverbial branding iron and observed his video for Soul Food for Thought with no judgements. The dimly lit visuals, directed by Yvan Gonthier, worked in tandem with the socially reactive lyricism which included shots at Kanye West (justified) and the media (also justified) as well as hip hop shout outs to KRS and Kool Herc.

Stream the video for REAIN’s “Soul Food for Thought” below.

REAIN - Soul Food for Thought (Official Music Video)
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