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FREE DOWNLOAD: Pragmatic Theory – Elevated Patterns


Pragmatic Theory hit us with another free compilation called Elevated Patterns, featuring the likes of Warren Xclnce, KLIM beats and JuSoul.

When it comes to collecting beats from the best underground producers, Pragmatic Theory have it covered. The collective have a brand new compilation out called Elevated Patterns and like the others, it’s absolutely free. The comp opens with a off kilter remix of Erykah Badu‘s Honey by Amin PaYnE and meanders into Khryo‘s heavy knocking rework of Lauryn Hill’s Ex Factor and the aptly named future slow jam “Sexuelle” by Nottingham-native Warren Xclnce. Other worthy mentions include the soul chopped workings of KLIM beats on “Prignis” and JuSoul’s vocal shuffling tribute to Aaliyah’s Rock The Boat. This one’s packing some heat.

Stream/download it below.