Written by Luke Alex Davis 9:18 pm Pop

Relive The 90s With The 90s Button


Hit the button and prepare to be transported back two decades with The 90s Button.

You’re bored of the latest music and need a shot of nostalgia. Where do you go? Most people would say YouTube but what if you don’t have a particular video in mind to remind you of the good old days, you might be stuck. Well, now there’s a solution. Designer duo Sune Frantsen and David Adalberth Andersen have created a website called The 90s Button with nothing but a garish rainbow animated background, some MC Hammer GIFs and a Hasselhoff button entitled “UNLEASH HEAVEN?” Upon clicking, a random 90s music video pops up above and The Hoff is 99% correct in his statement. So far, I’ve had Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It, Craig David’s Seven Days, Mousse T’s Horny and Michael Jackson’s Scream. God, I miss the 90s.

Try it for yourself at the90sbutton.com.