Reps Reppatwa – Black Youths & A Hoodie (Intro)

Reps Reppatwa - Black Youths & A Hoodie

Reps Reppatwa leaks the intro for his new Untitled EP.

We’ve been keeping a watchful eye on Reps Reppatwa, an emcee out of London via Bristol. On Wednesday, he took to Soundcloud to drop a sneak peek into his upcoming new Untitled EP. Reps speaks on the negative stereotypes attached to black youths in the UK, persecuted for wearing hoodies and “looking” menacing and police brutality. I’m sure there are young people of the US who can relate to that sort of behaviour and may identify with the lyrics. If you think the beat sounds familiar, that’s because it’s actually a Dilla sample (Timeless, produced for Illa J). Needless to say, that needs no introduction of its own.

Stream it below.

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