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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Reverend X - The Spirit Of Truth

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Thanks to the interwebz, public access televangelist Reverend X became a viral hit in the 90’s.


Warning: this video contains explicit content, extreme blasphemy and Ice Cube in the background.

If you’re easily offended or you’re a strong theist, you may want to turn away now. In the late 90s, a televangelist named Reverend X presented a segment called The Spirit of Truth, as part of a programme called One Man Show. The show was broadcast on public access television for five years in LA and, due to it being public access, didn’t get much recognition. Footage of the show found its way onto YouTube in 2006 and became an Internet phenomenon, due to the Reverend X’s crazy behaviour, incessant profanity, claims of being God and… constant dancing. That’s right, “God” can pop and lock!

The episode below is one of many that are now available on YouTube but this is the first I ever found (via Charlie Murphy on Facebook). If you can look past the swearing and the “scriptures”, it’s one of the funniest things you’ll ever witness. It’s pretty clear the guy was eight miles high on something but that doesn’t deter him from declaring his plans for the world. If you take anything from him, always remember, he makes his ass very available and he has a mean taste in music.

(P.S. – If you’re wondering where Reverend X is now, he now goes by the name of RevXism. He’s not quite as funny and the drugs have addled his voice quite a bit but you can still find him on YouTube.)

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