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Rhye – Needed

Rhye - Spirit

The track is from Rhye’s latest album, Spirit.

There I was watching a football match and the incidental music at the end reminded me of a Rhye song. Then I remembered they had a new album out, so I gave it a spin. And it was literally what I needed.

Great segue. Needed is a cut off the album, entitled “Spirit”, and it is gorgeous. The song was produced by Mike Milosh (the lead vocalist), John Sinclair & Dan Wilson. Robin Hannibal left Rhye in 2017 which I wasn’t aware of (I really need to check up on these things) but that hasn’t hampered the quality in any way.

On Needed and the album as a whole, there’s certainly a more sombre, minimal move in a piano-led direction. Instrumentation is sparse and digital; straight 808s on this track. The power comes from the words and vocal power of Milosh. He described the song on Twitter as “something greater than wanting someone in your life, or to be wanted, or liked or loved.”

You can stream the video below and purchase Spirit on vinyl via Amazon.