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Ruffian Kick – LEAVES.

Ruffian Kick - LEAVES.

The Californian producer put together an album of beats from the last few months of 2018.

I found Ruffian Kick last year while waiting for a plane from Nice back to the UK. I was glad to find a new release in 2019 and his most recent is a belter. LEAVES. is, as he describes it himself:

some beats from the fall & winter seasons. utilizing the SP-555, PO-33 KO, ABLTON and my SP404sx. thanks for supporting! 2019 is gonna be fun.

There’s a warmth that rises through each track; on the samples themselves and from the quality of the vinyl and 404 compressor. Ruffian flips everything from old-time jazz to quiet storm on LEAVES. and even if it’s getting warmer as we inch towards summer, you can still find comfort in the beats on offer.

Stream it below.