A Sampling Essay by Defected

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This sampling essay from Defected covers everything from the history of sampling to three European stars of the craft.

DJ Nick Gordon Brown wrote a fantastic article about sampling for Defected on Friday. If you needed to know a thing or two about the craft, this would fill in all the blanks. It starts with some lyrics from Stetsasonic’s ‘Talkin’ All That Jazz’ before going into its history, drum breaks, and how the Europeans did it. This quote caught my eye:

Sampling has been the bedrock of virtually all genres of dance and electronic music ever since, including many a house classic. It is also a staple part of many a pop hit. It’s here to stay.

I also liked the facts at the end including Blue Note being the first label to encourage sampling of their music, Madonna’s permission letter to ABBA for use of Gimme Gimme Gimme on Hung Up, and Vanilla Ice’s use of Under Pressure bassline which we covered a while back.

Read the article in full on Defected’s website.

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