RKZ’s February Sessions (Episode 1)

RKZ - February Sessions (Episode 1)

RKZ has kindly provided us with some “making of” footage of his session with Gifted The Great.

Do these guys ever stop working?* As part of RKZTV, RKZ has uploaded his first episode of “February Sessions”, which was filmed all through this week at Gifted’s studio. It shows the pair hard at work, getting tracks together for RKZ’s forthcoming EP, mixtape & debut album as well as impromptu journeys to the supermarket. The music you catch in the episode sounds CRAZY and we’re really amped for the future releases.

And after you’ve watched that, make sure to tune into BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends with Clive Anderson at 6.15pm tonight, where RKZ will be performing one of his singles, Superstars, with a live band.

*The answer is no.

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