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SATURDAY MATINÉE: DOOM Unmasked Back in 1990

Before the mask, DOOM was just Daniel Dumile/Zev Love X of KMD. Check him out, unmasked, performing live in 1990 for our Saturday Matinée.

It’s often said that people have probably seen DOOM walking around without his mask but had no idea, and as he explained in his RBMA lecture, the mask was a way to take away from the “image” element of hip hop and for the entertainment factor.

While he was a member of KMD, he was known as Zev Love X, alongside with his brother Subroc (RIP). Thanks to DJ Iran, a video of their first ever live show was discovered before the mask. Peep the 90s type flow and DOOM rocking a bandana.

(Shouts to Stones Throw and Digital Hustle Films for the upload).

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