Better late than never, Taytula Burke gave RKZ’s SOULar EP a listen.

I hold my hands up: I’m a little late with this one. The SOULar EP from RKZ dropped in August and the shock waves are still reverberating through my iPod. The project is a collaboration from the Luton based singer-songwriter /rapper and beat maker Gifted The Great. The pair bring sexy RnB back over the course of four tracks that can only be described as eargasmic. SOULar kicks off with Find You. RKZ sings of a love lost over a sultry slow jam interspersed with piano. It’s worthy of being mistaken for an import from the states and nicely leads into what is by far my favourite song of the EP. Sent To Me is a naughty little number that he practically whispers over a beat that kind of has an oriental vibe mashed up with the bed rocking beat that personifies the kind of pleasures he is crooning about. After that we are offered Jet Sets & Raybans, a fun little song that has a funky soul rhythm that you can’t help but do a little two step to. It’s at this stage that I think the fact we are listening to a UK project is most evident; his accent rings through particularly when rapping – love it. His parting gift is Persistence which features the vocals of Shawn Sanderson. The pair sing of triumph over adversity and succeeding when the odds are seemingly stacked against you which serves as the perfect way to round off a well put together EP.

All in all a nice job. It’s never too late to jump on a bandwagon, get yourself over to iTunes and download you a copy.

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