THROWBACK THURSDAY: TLC – No Scrubs At The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards


Back in 1999, TLC performed their smash No Scrubs at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Here’s footage of that performance with an interview at the end.

The year is 1999. People are freaking out about the Millennium Bug shutting down all the computers at the end of the year, Big L was tragically murdered and TLC released No Scrubs, earning themselves a Grammy nomination for Record of the Year. At the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, the group performed their now-signature track to a crowd of thousands. The whole thing was mimed of course (this was a kids awards show so nobody really cared) except for Left Eyes (RIP) rap because she was too dope to mime that. It was then followed by an interview at the end where they talked about the origin of their name and the “No Scrub” dance. Ladies, you might need that in the club.

Stream it below.

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