Robert Glasper - Dillalude #2

Robert Glasper - Dillalude #2

Dillalude #2.. This was the link I was searching the internet for a few nights ago and stumbled across a few other gems. It’s now time to share the Dillalude experience with you all.

This jazz icon has taken it upon himself to replay a few Dilla classics live for our enjoyment. Robert Glasper has graced us with the second instalment of his Dillalude series ( find part one here ). This is just a small segment of his “Black Radio Recovered” Remix EP which is sure to get any Dilla fan’s head nodding. Other remixes on the project include remixes the likes of Pete Rock, 9th Wonder and many many more.

Whatever you need to do, either rolling something, pouring something or just sitting back relaxing with headphones on or through your speakers, I urge you to have 9 minutes out to appreciate this wonderful mix of classic Dilla material.


Robert Glasper Experiment - Dillalude #2
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