Dapper Rapper: Rockfresh

Our new feature, Dapper Rapper, looks at hip hop fashion. Today, we give the floor to UK hip hop clothing company Rockfresh.

The first brand that comes to mind when you think of hip hop is probably Adidas, but they don’t have the monopoly on hip hop culture like they used to, especially with Nike’s influence. And what if you can’t afford either but still want to represent?

That’s where companies like Rockfresh come in. Rockfresh, according to their bio, was born out of a realisation that there were no UK online street wear outlets for hip hop fans to rep the music and the culture. Chances are, you’d have to buy those special Dilla threads from America and pay the hefty shipping fees.

For that money, you might as well just pay for an Adidas t-shirt from JD Sports. Rockfresh offer a great selection of t-shirts and hoodies from fine brands such as Dephect, Ubiquity, WeSC and Wu Tang Brand at really good prices plus shipping is free throughout Europe. If you need some incentive, they’ve just got in some Hiero hoodies in, looking pretty fresh.

Check out the Rockfresh website for yourself.

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