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Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo (Onra & Buddy Sativa)

Onra’s jazz collab with Buddy Sativa, Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo, is ready for your primed ears.

Jazz albums in the modern age are going from strength to strength and now French producer Onra has joined the gaggle of musicians to bring something to the table. Together with Buddy Sativa, the pair have formed Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo and their debut eponymous album is out now. After his funk escapades with Chuck Inglish, Onra stated he wanted to try other things and this is the result. On “Honey, Hash, Rose”, the group bring a Modern Jazz Quintet/Yesterdays New Quintet vibe to proceedings which is quite apt, considering the careful placement of the vibes thanks to Balthazar Dao. It’s hazy, cinematic and something you should be listening to right now.

Stream “Honey, Hash, Rose” on SoundCloud.

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