Written by Luke Alex Davis 11:17 am Hip Hop

ruffiankick – Spiritu∆lShr∆pnel​.​EP

ruffiankick throws some more lo-fi coal on the fire with Spiritu∆lShr∆pnel​.​EP.

I’m a big lover of albums made using the SP-303 or 404. Many say that dusty lo-fi aesthetic is overplayed and maybe the saturation has gone beyond the style’s compression techniques but I still enjoy it. ruffiankick is one such SP craftsman and his Spiritu∆lShr∆pnel​.​EP catches that vibe perfectly. The EP is a collection of “loops, chops, warps, collabs and drums” from the last couple of years. All raw and straight from the analog as you’d expect.

Oh, and happy new year everybody!