Sammy Davis Jr. on drums and vibes

Sammy Davis Jr. covering his face with his left hand

There’s cool and there’s Sammy Davis Jr. cool. Here he is jamming on the drums and the vibraphone with his band.

Sammy Davis Jr. covering his face with his right hand

Sammy Davis Jr. remains one of the coolest cats of all time and this video exemplifies that. On an unearthed episode of The Ed Sullivan Show, the multi-talented musician showed the depths of those talents by jamming on the drums (with his sticks and brushes), and finishing on the vibraphone.

It’s one thing to be able to play both instruments competently, but it’s another play them like he did. Effortless brilliance with the kind of suaveness that just oozes sophistication and magnificence (a bit like his Japanese whiskey commercial).

Stream it below.

Sammy Davis Jr. Plays The Drums, Vibraphone, And Piano Playing "Let's Keep Swinging" In 1968 (Rare)
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