The Wu-Tang Pizza Cutter

The Wu-Tang Pizza Cutter

Wu-Tang pizza cutters are NOT for the children (because they’re super sharp and dangerous). But Graz Makes’s version is still pretty dope.

The Wu-Tang Pizza Cutter

The humble pizza cutter is a necessary utensil in any kitchen (unless you’re one of those people who cuts their pizza with scissors). But if you want to slice your pizza in style, why not try the Wu-Tang pizza cutter?

Graz Makes crafted his Wu-Tang logo-shaped cutter from Jimmy Diresta’s old table saw blade, saying it was fun to shoot the project and “any project that gives me the excuse to eat pizza, is a good one in my book!” But it doesn’t only cut pizza (you’ll have to watch the video to find out what else it can do.)

I guess you could say Graz Makes ain’t nuthing ta f’ wit.

Stream the ‘making of’ video below.

Graz Makes: The Wu-Tang Pizza Cutter (out of Jimmy Diresta's old table saw blade)
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