The Mack is our Saturday Matinée feature presentation this week, starring Max Julien as a drug dealer who later becomes a pimp lord.

In the words LAKIM from Soulection, “Watch this. Change your life.” The Mack stars Max Julien and the irreplaceable Richard Pryor as his friend Slim in a blaxploitation film about the rise and fall of “Goldie” (played by Julien), a small-time crook and drug pusher who found himself in the pen for his wrongdoings. Goldie was released five years later and soon found himself in the pimp game. As he makes his way to the top, he is soon met with people after his crown and his blood, including two racist white cops. The film has since been referenced in countless rap lyrics including Jay Z, Raekwon and Tupac.

Stream it below.

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