FREE DOWNLOAD: Shiro Schwarz – All My L.O.V.E.


Shiro Schwarz are back on their synthesizers for the funky and free, All My L.O.V.E.

A track made almost entirely with a vintage Yamaha PSS-570┬ásynthesizer? WE’RE THERE! Of course, it’s Shiro Schwarz behind the keys and All My L.O.V.E. is their creation in question. Much like the rest of their output, it sounds like an 80s track thawed out after 20 years with that classic electro funk syncopation and that semi-rapping vocal flow (courtesy of Pammela Rojas, the female half of Shiro Schwarz). Tom Tom Club would be proud if they were listening right now.

Stream/download it below on Soundcloud.

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