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French producer Sirkri is our One To Watch.

9th Wonder, Flying Lotus, J Dilla, Black Milk and Kev Brown – just some of the major influences on Sirkri’s work. The French producer (yes, another one) recently put those musical inspirations to good use and came up with Sade’s Dream, a masterclass in musical ordered chaos. At only 19, Sirkri has a pretty substantial amount of releases under his belt, both on his own Bandcamp and for his label, Noircity. The good thing about Sirkri is he doesn’t set out to copy his predecessors but his muses are clear. On tracks like Criminal Mermaid, there is a definite feel of Weather Report in the tone, melody and scattered timing while he chooses to switch up some Prince drums and a heavy industrial sound on Nanm Aw. If you’re a fan of any of the producers mentioned above, you’ll do well to be aware of this kid.

Stream “Sade’s Dream” below.