TECHNOLOGY: SoundPlant 42 Lets You Trigger Samples With Your Keyboard


Assign up to 72 samples to your QWERTY keyboard thanks to SoundPlant 42, a standalone program by Marcel Blum.

I’ve been wanting a program like this for quite some time. SoundPlant 42, as designed by developer Marcel Blum, is a new version of his original software and while the basic functionality isn’t unique, it does cut out the need to buy expensive DJ programs offering the same ideas. According to MusicRadar, SoundPlant 42 “can be used for live music performance, to trigger FX, as a drum pad or however else you see fit”. Just drop samples onto the interface and play them at the press of a key. 42 allows you to play up to 256 sounds at once, add effects and even record key strokes.

There’s a free version for non-commercial use and a paid version for $50, both for Mac and PC. Check out the Soundplant website for more information.

(via MusicRadar)

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