VIDEO: TJ Mizell DJing On A The J Train In New York


Jam Master Jay’s son TJ Mizell took the J Train and gave the passengers some impromptu DJing.

This video is the epitome of everything that represents New York and hip hop. From the appearance of TJ Mizell – son of the late Jam Master Jay – to the subway train and the makeshift DJing for a crowd of travellers. The video shows Mizell scratching the decks equipped with a car battery, laptop and DJ gear and some help from his crew. While the folks on the train wouldn’t have seemed out of place from the limp spectators at many Boiler Room sets, what the performance did show is how easy it is to put something together off the cuff (provided you have a car battery and some decks with you). This is fundamentally how hip hop started – two turntables, some music and a crowd. If only there was space for some breakdancing.

Stream it below.

(via egotrip)

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