Sampleface Five: SP-404 Albums (Part 2)


5 more SP-404 albums for you to check out.

It’s been a few years since I published a list of SP-404 albums on Bandcamp but I thought I’d do a Part 2 since there are so many out there.

As before, this post acts as a brief aural guide into what can be produced using the 404 and who knows, you might find a new fave.

1. Eddou XL – Refreshments

Eddou XL’s release not only features interludes and beats made on the SP-404, but also the SP-303, MPC3000, and MPC2000XL making it a masterclass in sampler use.

2. mt. marcy – naked lunch

New York’s mt. marcy crafted a beautiful album in naked lunch, opening with the chilled out greem [intro] before shifting rhythms and samples expertly throughout. The fact it uses field recordings really accentuates the overall vibe and it’s worth a listen,.

3. Mujo – Hidden Forest

I’ve been getting into Mujo a lot recently and Hidden Forest showcases the producer’s penchant for the jazzy and chill.

1. Be ready for jazzy vibes, chilled out moods and very inspirational tunes!
2. Find the perfect peaceful place in the forest.
3. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the 20 tracks LO-HOP album!!

All beats made on the Sp-404, MPC 2000xl.

4. HM Surf – Waterbed

As HM says, “about an hour of beats”. Personally, I feel like these beats are closer to the more popularised form of lo-fi with less swing and more Rhodes, compared to the Dilla-influenced sound you might get from others in the list.

5. Kai ’96 – Crumbs

The thing that stands out for me with Kai ’96’s Crumbs is the harshness of the sound as a contrast to some of the softer tones of albums made on the SP-404. For me, the sonic qualities of this album epitomise what the SP-404 and similar samplers can do.

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