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Starchildluke – BOWSERTAPE2

BOWSERTAPE2 album cover

Starchildluke is back with BOWSERTAPE2, his 8th #Road2Switch album.

Knxwledge might be winding down on his output but he isn’t the only one who can churn out albums and EPs. Starchildluke embarked on an ambitious series called #Road2Switch where proceeds from his albums went towards a Nintendo Switch. He managed to acquire enough money but he’s carrying it on for Switch games.

The UK producer is on his eighth album of the series and it’s a sequel to BOWSERTAPE. He’s gone for Bowser’s Japanese moniker, King Koopa, as the focal point on cover and in the album’s samples. BOWSERTAPE2 is shorter than previous outings, with more skits than beats, but every track has its own quirky style.

I’ve not gone for a strictly love-based concept but some of the track names are still about love and stuff.


Standout tracks are (u)givemesumthin, blondie and CICUT. Stream the album below.