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Kareem Jamal – No Rainy Days + Desperado

Kareem Jamal - Desperado

The UK rapper has been a busy man and dropped two tracks and accompanying videos in less than 3 weeks.

It’s been way too long since we last featured Kareem Jamal and now we have two tracks and two videos to go with them. Brace yourself.

No Rainy Days

No Rainy Days is an instrumental that comes with a behind-the-scenes video, filmed and edited by Jamal. Rather than just serve up a track with polished visuals, he’s elected to show all the hard work gone into his craft. I don’t like using the word “urban” when it comes to music from people of colour but the aesthetics are definitely that; concrete structures, graffiti and green smoke bomb with some of his “fellow creative friends”.


For Desperado, Jamal went for a full track + video release. It’s self-produced again but this time with a Latin flavour, packed with sultry Spanish guitars, boom bap drums, and his penchant for introspective lyricism.

The travelogue filming style has the human feel of the BTS visuals for No Rainy Days but goes way outside the box. Like literally; it’s not even in the UK. (Guess the country and let us know in the comments.)

Both tracks and videos show Kareem Jamal hasn’t taken his foot off the gas in terms of audiovisual art. He’s always been about finding inner beauty in everything he shoots and speaks on.

If you want more of the same, check out his website and his Instagram. You can also stream Desperado on iTunes.