Written by Sampleface 11:44 pm Instrumental Hip Hop

Starchildluke – GENGARTAPE


Another month, another beat tape from Starchildluke. This one is called GENGARTAPE.

Even though he hit his target, the #Road2Switch series still rolls on with a fifth release. Starchildluke’s GENGARTAPE doesn’t have a concrete theme, but many of the samples on the tracks reference things like ghosts and poison, a nod to the titular Pokémon, Gengar. The producer initially wanted a video game beat tape but changed his mind.

“It’s not easy having to make a beat tape each month and have some time to reset. I wanted an easier kind of theme so rejected the video games idea and went with ghost/poison in the title. I think it came out pretty well.”


GENGARTAPE is out now on Bandcamp. Stream it below.