RecordRadar turns your e-digging into crate digging

RecordRadar turns your e-digging into crate digging

The web app integrates your Spotify music and finds records near you to buy from Discogs.

Whether you’re an e-digger, a crate digger, or both, you have a love of music. The method of acquiring it shouldn’t matter. But maybe you’d like to buy the physical copies of songs you’ve found on Spotify. RecordRadar is the app for you.

The service has already matched tracks to over 2m records in nearly 800 shops around the world. The web app was developed Latvian duo Eugene Dugaev and Nick Ustinov. According to the website, “it uses modern technology to effortlessly connect music lovers with their record inventory by magically matching with their Spotify playlists.”

It works two ways: consumer-to-business and business-to-consumer (or C2B and B2B in business speak). If you’re a consumer, you simply scan your Spotify account on RecordRadar and they find all your songs and albums at record stores around the world. Then you can narrow the search down to where you live. They also include prices so you can set a budget (if you can). On the flipside, sellers can get a QR code and this acts as a link between their stock and consumers’ Spotify collections.

I tried RecordRadar myself a few days ago and found some great bargains from Discogs sellers. It works out well if you’ve found a bunch of samples off the same album and you want that authentic grit.

Wanna give RecordRadar a try? Head over to their website and let us know what you think!

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