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J Dilla Talks About His Sampling Inspirations in Rare Interview From 2003

The hip hop icon talks about his family in Detroit and how he only discovered Fela Kuti while working on Like Water For Chocolate.

J Dilla
J Dilla
J Dilla

The name “J Dilla” is enough to get my attention. Add “sampling inspirations” and I’m already sold. P3 Soul is a Swedish radio show featuring soul and hip hop interviews and in honour of 40 years in the profession, he uploaded a rare 2003 interview with J Dilla. He talked about his musical roots in Detroit as well as those sample inspirations.

From the open, Dilla talked about feeling like he’d “been here before” and shared a kind of soul link with the drummers who inspired him. He also talked about how, when he made music, he didn’t have a particular genre in mind. It was just music for him. We could all hear that too.

Stream the audio below.

40 år med P3 Soul: J Dilla
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