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Shrill Evans – MONOLITH

Shrill Evans - MONOLITH

It’s a new moniker for Starchildluke as he releases his fifth #Road2Switch series.

No prizes for guessing where the name Shrill Evans comes from. But in case you didn’t know, it’s a lo-fi take on the late piano maestro Bill Evans. And Starchildluke took that inspiration for his new alter-ego on new album, MONOLITH.

He describes it as “a sub-20-minute journey through jazz and classical beats from the 18th century all the way to the present day”. The album was “produced, mixed, and mastered by Shrill himself, using his trusty SP-303 for added grit” and you can hear it bitcrush through every track. Highlights include Bélem and Peninsula, as well as the haunting Prelúdios and odd skits involving an angry shouting man.

And for listeners who take the plunge and download, there’s an exclusive bonus track of Shrill Evans “live at The Ternhill Grove in Bradford, his one and only performance back in 1995” which is pretty dope if a little dubious. We’ll let you decide how true that is. As for the #Road2Switch, as we explained in the GENGARTAPE article, he’s already met his target. Further proceeds are now going towards Switch games because of course. So dig deep and help a gaming brother out. Or download for free. It’s your call.

Stream it below.