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St/rr – NOTIME.

st/rr - NOTIME.

Our editor, aka st/rr, releases his new album and it’s called NOTIME.

When he’s not writing for the website, Luke Alex Davis produces music and after self proclaimed “musical rut”, he’s back with a brand new project as “st/rr”. “NOTIME.” has been in the works for a few months and sees the UK producer throw together his classic blend of random vocal samples and heavy beats.

I just hit a massive wave of creativity after a spell of depression last week. Two of the tracks are from 2012. I made about 7 beats in one day and the other 11 the next day. It all just flowed out of me and I really enjoyed it.

He also told us the end track is a clue to the theme for a future release so watch out for that. But what is the last track?

Stream it below to find out.