sto the last lyricist. – ProPain VI (prod. by Tek.Lun)

sto the last lyricist. - ProPain VI (prod. by Tek.Lun)

Some songs age like fine wines. sto the last lyricist’s ProPain VI is the jewel of the cellar.

Hip hop is all about the community – at least it should be. Conversing about how to grow, enjoying the music and the culture and helping to forward it. Connecting with sto the last lyricist from a music writing perspective has been a joy but when he’s not promoting other artists, he’s a rapper himself. ProPain VI, produced by the equally talented Tek.Lun, is a glimpse into some hard times sto previously faced.

life, heartbreak and overthinking can kill you before anything else does.

Between the brilliant lyricism (as to be expected from a proficient penman,) and the incredible beat, this is gorgeous on the ears, mind, and senses. This might only be a year old but no matter when it could have been released, it still resonates and holds a vibe irrespective of time.

Stream it below.

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