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Suhnraw - Beat Addict


Filipino beatmaster Suhnraw shows us why he’s a Beat Addict with a brand new beat tape.

It’s weird how we perceive the times between album releases nowadays. Back in the 80s and 90s, Michael Jackson would go about four years between albums but with the way things are now, if you go more than two years, unless you’ve been touring extensively or you’ve dropped a “deluxe edition” of your previous album, fans will be antsy. Artists like Suhnraw, however, don’t have these problems and have the freedom to drop their music whenever they want and it just so happens a gap of three or four months is normal (and very much appreciated). Last week, Suhnraw dropped Beat Addict, a 15-track beat tape with more of those brilliant sample flips and heavy yet hazy off kilter drums. Standout tracks include the opener TwentyThirteen, OHhU and Kawm.

Update: the album was taken down a long time ago and attempts to retrieve it have failed. Sorry!

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